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033: TANO! – Cants Als Malsons 12″ LP

“Onze ocultismes, sabers perduts i altres petites faules d’ultramar”

Tano!’s secord album is here! They are an experimental/emo/hardcore band from Girona, living the concept of writing songs with the motto “let’s put something here which no one would expect next”. Eleven cuts recorded live by Santi Garcia and Borja Pérez at Ultramarinos Costa Brava, mastered by Victor Garcia and wrapped up with Xavi Forné’s artwork (Error! Design). Eleven songs that are already streaming and freely downloadable by any of the four great labels that are involved in this release and make all this possible. This spring, in 180 grams, 12 inch black vinyl!!

Listen here:

It will be released by Saltamarges, La Agonía de Vivir, Error! Music y Krimskramz on 180 gram black vinyl and the pre-orders are up here:

Tano!’ és un duet de música Hardcore / Punk experimental cantat en català format a Girona al 2015 per Oskar Garcia (vocalista i guitarrista de Hurricäde) i Victor Pelusa (baixista i veu d’Anchord).[1][2] Al llarg de la seva carrera han tocat en festivals com el Fusiònica i l’Actitud Fest.[3]!

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