“Fließgewässer” is an intentionally mysterious, playful ambient/experimental music project originated from random conversations on unexplored lands, indigenous cultures, climate change and a generally uncertain future.

Firat | Dîjla Tape was released on Otomatik Muziek on 21/04/2020:

“I think I’ve recorded the improvised bases with the Prologue almost a year ago, not even using an interface or something, since I just received the synthesizer and didn’t really have equipment except a zoom, recording simply the synthesizer plugged into our hi-fi system haha”
After that “An impromptu session with Marta Morant on clarinet and Nicolas Dobson on drums that started after watching a documentary on the ruthless building of dams in south-east Anatolia by Turkey’s demagogic president Reccep Tayyip Erdogan, with additional synth work overdubbed afterwards, turned into a stream of free-flowing new age sounds with references to anatolian folk music popping up here and there, tender percussion improvs and refined clarinet expressions.
The sole track on the B-side of the tape – „Below the stork’s nest“ – is a sombre elegy, alternating between an endless dulcimer rite, surfacing field recordings, a trumpet resembling the cornet work of Cosey Fanni Tutti and: a violin. The original version of „Firat | Dîjla“ featured a lot of quotes from the BBC-produced documentary „So Water is Turkey’s Oil“. Shying away from the fear of copyright infringements, we asked Heinzel to remove them; about half a day later, in true Fließgewässer fashion, he sent a whole new set of files with him playing a deranged violin instead of the original quotes. That was the final point, the being-struck-by-lightning-moment when we knew this one was perfectly finished. Glimpses of Hassell’s fourth-world music spelled out over european post-industrial music like Coil, and, within the flushes of deeply honest consternation which interweave the whole recording, a very political set of songs.” – Franz Joseph Kaputt

Since life seems to be paused right now, it’s okay and welcomed to do nothing and take care of yourself. In some cases it can mean improvising in your bedroom.
This lead to creating this playlist Isolation Tunes which is updated regularly with mainly collaborations with friends:

Fließgewässer / Ivette Díaz​-​Espín – Enllaç Tape and Fanzine

“Die muffigen Tage sind vorbei” was the first time we tried to jam with poetry, our voices with background ambience (an open window), a casio, a trumpet and a looper after having participated improvising in an open mic session.
This lead to creating the album “Enllaç”, an improvised experimental ambient record, which is currently being duplicated on 100 tapes by EDisco in Portugal and will be released by Formes Diverses de Vida and Krimskramz once it arrives in the next weeks. We’re currently spending our time making the handcrafted fanzine with the poems and illustration.
“Tropfsteinhöhle” and “On top of a melting glacier” are the two Interludes from this tape and fanzine collaboration of Ivette Díaz Espín (la raya ilustrada) and Heinzel (Fließgewässer).
“Besides our voices we mainly used a Casio SA-1, looper, trumpet, violin, contact microphone, cirrus spatial-temporal modifier and some field recordings.”
Due to C-19 we were still not able to print the final zine, let’s see when we will be able to finish and release this.

Here’s a video from Pau on the first tour in 2019:

Concerts 2020

It was hard to accept having to cancel the first two tours and let’s see if it will be possible to tour Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Greece. Probably not.

27/05 Жижа / Žiža, Banja Luka /with Tectonic
28/05 Sarajevo need help /with Tectonic
29/05 Kragujevac need help /with Tectonic
30/05 Skopje need help /with Tectonic
31/05 Salonica need help /with Tectonic
01/06 Karditsa need help /with Tectonic
02/06 Atenas need help /with Tectonic
03/06 Larisa need help /with Tectonic
04/06 Kumanovo need help /with Tectonic
05/06 Niš /with Tectonic

21/06 Belgrado /with Shoeg
22/06 Sofia /with Shoeg
23/06 Plowdiw need help /with Shoeg
24/06 ХАЛЕ 3, Warna /with Shoeg
25/06 Bukarest /with Shoeg
26/06 Brasov need help /with Shoeg
27/06 Cluj-Napoca need help /with Shoeg
28/06 Timișoara need help /with Shoeg


“Kurobe” tape are the first attempts of creating these atmospheres, where the river becomes a metaphor of an imaginary journey in time and space.

Involved in “Kurobe”:
Silvia – packaging.
Heinzel – recordings.

Available as black tape with unique embroidery on black cotton, 200 gr metallic paper, inlay print on 170 gr grey paper here.

Kurobe has been released in August 2018.

This second release “Sonstige I” consists of miscellaneous sounds, field recordings from Siurana (a small village in Catalonia), Πλατύκαμπος (a small village in Greece) and a jam from Αθήνα (Greece), blazoned with midi-sounds.

Involved in “Sonstige I”:
Menelaos – guitar on “Πλατύκαμπος και Αθήνα νύχτα”.
Matthias – drums on “Πλατύκαμπος και Αθήνα νύχτα”.
Heinzel – midi/field recordings.

Available on black tape here.

Sonstige I has been released in October 2018.

The focus of this release are recycled old recordings, which have been wrapped up in spherical midi-sounds and underlined with rainy field recordings.

Involved in “Recycling I”:
Matthias – pedals on “Habitación mediana”.
Silvia – midi piano on “Emilia Est”.
Adrián – higher organ melodies on “Floridablanca”.
Andreu – accompanying commentary on “Floridablanca”.
Matthias – guitar on “Habitación pequeña”.
Heinzel – remaining instruments, midi- and field recordings.

Available on recycled tapes with covers made from toilet paper rolls in two variations here.

Recycling I has been released in November 2018.

“?Es ist höchste Zeit¿” are all analog recordings of guitar, organ, harmonica and voices using just a Zoom H4N recorder. The guitar riffs and harmonica sounds have been recorded in Berlin in September 2018 without having thought of a purpose for them at that point. In essence this recording is a collage of these recordings with overdubbings of organ improvisations and voices.

Involved in “?Es ist höchste Zeit¿”:
Orestis – text and voice on “Δίψα για αίμα = Greed”.
Silvia – voice on “Realisation”.
Heinzel – guitar, organ, harmonica, remaining voices and field recordings.

Available on black tape here.

?Es ist höchste Zeit¿ has been released in January 2019.

Winter Ambient 1 is an improvisation with a Korg Minilogue, I’ve had borrowed from Rafel (thanks again!) from February 2019. Besides that you can hear some balcony recordings playing back construction work sounds.

Winter Ambient 2 is an improvisation with a Korg Prologue from February 2019. Besides that you can hear some recordings of waves at los gigantes and from our balcony.

Winter Ambient 3 is an improvisation with a Korg Prologue from February 2019. Besides that you can hear some recordings from the Anemone Geysers and the Grand Geyser, which are in the public domain as “Yellowstone National Park Sound Library” by “National Park Service” and recordings from our living room.

“Winter Ambient” has been uploaded in March 2019.

These almost 30 minutes of music resulted from a not even 3 minute long beat Alicia (Glitchgirl) sent me. This beat is implemented in Part 2.
Alltogether Hinterwäldler flush is an ambient/drone improvisation based on the atmosphere of the original beat created by Glitchgirl using mainly a Prologue synthesizer, somewhere hidden a Thomas Californian organ and additional recordings made with a Zoom H4N.
Part 2 was released on Glitchgirl‘s compilation DESPACITO V3.
Compilation of international underground artists produced by Glitchgirl and Glitchgirl covers produced by other artists!
“The idea of this completely DIY compilation is to visibilize the artists that Glitchgirl likes, to motivate who just started to play or are not known, to challenge the creativity of artists that had stopped playing or played less music lately, to learn from the rest and to have a good time. Well. It’s mainly about having fun, isn’t it?
(ALSO A R T & F R I E N D S H I P)”
Here’s the full compilation:

“Klinker auf XLR” by Zement.
Among many other interesting projects, Fließgewässer participated in this release by reinterpreting the song “C2S” from their album “Klinker”.

Here’s the full record:

Available on tape here.

Has been released in November 2019.

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Some (but few) rights reserved. Feel free to get in touch: fliessgewaesser@krimskramz.com


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