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The musical path of Marco Bernacchia aka Above the Tree started with classical training when he was a kid. He soon discarted those notions favouring a personal research on noises, folk and blues made by instruments.

These songs were recorded in Europe between 2016 and 2019.
Most of them at the Hukot Studio in Hospitalet by Milo Gomberoff,
others by Boto at the Balsamic studio in San Pietro Del Gallo (cn)
and others extracted from live sessions in Kiev, Paris, Budapest and Berlin.
Some of the tracks have been speeded up, others slowed down to achieve the desired organic result.

“Special thanks to Francesca Amati of Comaneci for donating her voice on the songs “Window’s soul” and “King Above” and to Chiara and Federico (Father Murphy) for agreeing to the use of their song ..modified by me and inserted in track “Mercy of us”.
Special thanks to all those who helped with their presence and patience to make this album in which I show King Above’s empire.”

Mastered by Milo Gomberoff.
Drawing: Marco Bernacchia.
Labels: Plug in the Gear, Hukot, Sub Post, Krimskramz

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Transparent blue cassette.

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