alibikonkret is nothing fine or beautiful and does some things any way.
It is the alias of Matthias.

alibikonkret – torpor tape:

Torpor is a physical reaction of mammals to environmental changes and can be described as a mixed state between lethargy and hibernation. This ability is essential for the mammal to overcome life-challenging periods but also leaves it kind of paralyzed and consequently a high amount of energy is required to physically reactivate. Therefore, it’s like two inner drives acting opposingly but also as a highly balanced interplay, it’s necessary for the mammals survival. The feeling of inner tension arises in situations of anxiety and nervousness and can develop into a state of depression.

alibikonkret – Dummy Data tape:

Dummy-Data refers to idle data, without any specific information, which is anyway claiming space that could be used for actual files.
This description and the associated data, which wasn’t meant to be released in a long time, are finally the base of this cassette.
Its cover is a handmade linoleum print of a collage by alibikonkret.
They come with a stream of consciousness written down in a regeneration-phase during wage labour.

Generally he is making and organizing his own and Tapes from others, you could give a try enjoying.

Additional stuff