Domet (serbian: range, reach) met at Dom in 2019 on the 23.09.2019.

Domet Trio played their first gig at Dom B612 in Novi Sad on the 23.09.2019:

Domet Duo will play in Catalunya in February:
02.02.2023 Sinestesia – Barcelona
03.02.2023 El Refugi – La Guixa, Vic
04.02.2023 C.S.O. Kan Kolmo – Girona
also spontaneous fun on 05.02. in Barcelona or wherever would be nice!

Domet Trio are Rafel William Luke Valerio (synth, acoustic guitar, maracas, voice), Nemanja Tasa Tasic (drums, percussion, trumpet), Heinzel Fließgewässer (synth, sampler, filter, casio)
Domet Duo are Nemanja Tasa Tasic (drums, percussion), Heinzel Fließgewässer (synths, mandoline, casio, hacks).

See you. Thanks!