Teresa c.f.r.

Teresa C. F. .R. were reincarnated.

First concerts (2022):
04.03. La Saleta – Lleida, es
05.03. Arrebato – Zaragoza, es
27.05. 13eneath 12eality – Sofia, bg
28.05. Filaret 16 – Bucarest, ro
29.05. Level – Timisoara, ro
30.05. Музеј Свечовека – Belgrade, srb
31.05. CK13 – Novi Sad, srb
01.06. AKC Attack – Zagreb, hr
02.06. Klub Mladih – Rijeka, hr
26.10. CSA Las Vegas – Málaga, es
29.10. EKO – Madrid, es
30.10. Let’s go Rock Bar – Parla, es
31.10. Donations Project – Bilbao, es
01.11. La Kuadra – Sieso de Jaca, es

By Teresa C. F. R. a band collective from L’Hospitalet de Ll, bcn.

Flaschenpost by
Teresa C .F. R.
Petra – flute
H1el – synthesizer, violin
Tape in a vial, to be mounted in a cassette (not included)
Recorded in April 2020.
Released by krimskramz et Discos Rio De Los Remedios

“Flaschenpost” is also a message in a bottle, which we are throwing in the virtual ocean:

Additionally here’s another improvisation recorded on tape, this interlooped fractures of tapes have been re-recorded and manipulated.
Replaying interlooped fractures of tapes by
Teresa C. F. R.
Petra – flute, percussion
H1el – synthesizer, violin, tape manipulation
Recorded in April 2020.

Teresa C. F. R. also appears on the Mutan Orbit Sampler
Misa by
Teresa C. F. R.
Petra – guitar, percussion
H1el – organ, synthesizer, violin, voices
Recorded in May 2020.