Teresa C. F. R.

Teresa C. F. .R. were reincarnated.

First concerts:
04.03. La Saleta – Lleida, es
05.03. Arrebato – Zaragoza, es
27.05. 13eneath 12eality – Sofia, bg
28.05. Filaret 16 – Bucarest, ro
29.05. Level – Timisoara, ro
30.05. Музеј Свечовека – Belgrade, srb
31.05. CK13 – Novi Sad, srb
01.06. AKC Attack – Zagreb, hr
02.06. Klub Mladih – Rijeka, hr

Now we are looking for concerts in Spain with Kennel from Oslo
23.10. Hospitalet? 24.10. Amposta? 25.10. Valencia? 26.10. Denia? 27.10. Granada? 28.10. Malaga? 29.10. Córdoba? 30.10. Don Benito? 31.10. Madrid? 01.11. Zaragoza? 02.11. Lleida? 03.11. Barcelona?

By Teresa C. F. R. a band collective from L’Hospitalet de Ll, bcn.

Flaschenpost by
Teresa C .F. R.
Petra – flute
H1el – synthesizer, violin
Tape in a vial, to be mounted in a cassette (not included)
Recorded in April 2020.
Released by krimskramz et Discos Rio De Los Remedios

“Flaschenpost” is also a message in a bottle, which we are throwing in the virtual ocean:

Additionally here’s another improvisation recorded on tape, this interlooped fractures of tapes have been re-recorded and manipulated.
Replaying interlooped fractures of tapes by
Teresa C. F. R.
Petra – flute, percussion
H1el – synthesizer, violin, tape manipulation
Recorded in April 2020.

Teresa C. F. R. also appears on the Mutan Orbit Sampler
Misa by
Teresa C. F. R.
Petra – guitar, percussion
H1el – organ, synthesizer, violin, voices
Recorded in May 2020.