William Luke Valerio – He pujat al cel i he vist tots els dimonis dels que fugia Tape

“He pujat al cel i he vist tots els dimonis dels que fugia” is William Luke Valerio’s Debut Album.
Which will be out when all this is over…
Thanks for your patience.

He uses uses demeaned voices, rotten whispers, spoken-word transitions and field recordings combined with a plain use of guitar to provide an intimate glance to the human realm of absurdity. Lead by the hypnagogic vision of the ‘you must have a goal in your life’ totem (first trap we settle to our own offspring), humans of western societies often develop in a plastic-ruled-careless-reigned-distraction-led-Greenhouse. Here roses are born without shame nor empathy or smell. While the world screams for the release from this (probably self-imposed) constraint, the truth is individuals get born, grow up and die. And everything stays pretty much the same. Well, crooning to the sparks of beauty emanating from this noxious swamp should be fun for sure.

Rafel gets to this solo project by accident, since the other bands he was involved with were focused on other musical experimentation fields. Initiating the musical pieces in his room during insomnia-driven nights, the first album of William Luke Valerio (‘He pujat al cel i he vist tots els dimonis dels que fugia’) was recorded in February and will be released by Formes Diverses de Vida and Krimskramz in the end of summer 2020, probably.