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Thanks for visiting this page! It is the construction site of the new home of Krimskramz, wich will probably remain a construction site forever.
Krimskramz is a DIY label offering mainly punk-related (at least speaking about the mentality) records and additional objects.
It has been founded in the beginning of 2015 in Würzburg, Germany and has been relocated to Barcelona in the end of 2015.

In the distro most 12″ are at 7€ and most 7″ at 3€.
This will help breaking even again and being able to release at least some new records this year 🙂
Distro update with some additional records, see full list here!


032: RECIPROCATE – Demo Tape (Rock, Blues, Ex-Shieldyoureyes)
033: TANO! – Cants Als Malsons 12″ LP (Post-Hardcore)
034: TRÖPICAL ICE LAND – D 12″ LP (Screamo, Postrock)
035: LYTIC – onesidedlp 12″ (Screamo, Grind, Ex-Saetia, Ex-OffMinor)


036: William Luke Valerio – He pujat al cel i he vist tots els dimonis dels que fugia Tape
will be released via Formes Diverses de Vida and Krimskramz soon.

037: Fließgewässer / Ivette Díaz​-​Espín – Enllaç Tape and Fanzine

Tapes have arrived already and will be released by Formes Diverses de Vida and Krimskramz once we were able to print the final zine, let’s see when we will be able to finish and release this, considering C-19.

038: Above the tree – King Above Tape

Out now via Plug in the Gear, Hukot, Sub Post, Krimskramz

039: Teresa Carretero Francisco Rico – Flaschenpost Tape

More Info here: https://krimskramz.com/teresa-carretero-francisco-rico/

Feel free to folllow us on Bandcamp in order to be informed about new releases automatically:

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