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Thanks for visiting this page! It is the home of Krimskramz, a DIY label offering records and additional objects.
It has been founded in the beginning of 2015 in Würzburg, Germany and has been relocated to Barcelona in the end of 2015.

Originating in a Hardcore/Punk/Emo background Krimskramz already incorporates more than just these genres and for example gives home for more abstract, noisy, Electroacoustic and (No)Folk music, sticking to the DIY/DIT spirit of the above mentioned background.

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Fließgewässer is my personal electroacoustic expression.
Bicíclope is a new founded dynamo powered bike band.
Domet duo, trio, quartett, quintett playing NoFolk / (free) impro.
Teresa c.f.r. is a Duo of Petra and H1el.
alibikonkret the alias of my friend Matthias.
Lungern is a punk band.

Upcoming concerts (I need help with):

On the trips by car (from May onwards), let me know if you want some postpunk record delivery to your city!

Also please get in touch in order to book a concert in your city! In beginning of June – beginning of August I’ll travel from Spain through France, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and back to Spain. I’m really happy to play and hang out 🙂

Help in-between and anywhere anytime else is always welcome 🙂

Personal spam over.

New releases:
050 ATOMIZADOR / ZANUSSI – Split out in 2023.
049 TANO! – Intanostellar 12″ LP out in Summer 2023.
048 OTOK KRK / KOSTRENA – Split Tape out in Spring 2023.
047 KENNEL – True Norwegian Happy Noise vinyl/tape out in Spring 2023.
046 PIONERA – Bolsa de piedras 12″ (Alternative Rock, Post Hardcore) out since Autumn 2022.
045 KLS / MARTÍ – Fama Split 12″ (Noise, Powerviolence, Electronic) out since Spring 2022.
044 НАРКО ПТИЧКА – III Tape (Electroacoustic, Avantgarde) release Date unknown yet.
043 VARIOUS INDIVIDUALS – Ακούσματα Απομόνωσης _α Tape (Ambient, Electroacoustic, Noise) out since Spring 2022.
036: WILLIAM LUKE VALERIO – He pujat al cel i he vist tots els dimonis dels que fugia Tape
(Ambient, Spokenword, Pop) release Date unknown yet.

042 ALIBIKONKRET – torpor Tape (Electroacoustic, Noise, Lofi, Ambient)

041 KLS – Noisehits 12″ (Noise/Powerviolence)

040: ALIBIKONKRET – Dummy Data Tape (Ambient, Electroacoustic)
039: TERESA CARRETERO FRANCISCO RICO – Flaschenpost Tape (Improvisation, Ambient, Political)
038: ABOVE THE TREE – King Above Tape (Noise, Blues, Folk)
037: FLIEßGEWÄSSER / IVETTE DÍAZ-ESPÍN – Enllaç Tape & Fanzine (Ambient,
Electroacoustic, Poetry, Impro)

035: LYTIC – onesidedlp 12″ (Screamo, Grind, Ex-Saetia, Ex-OffMinor)
034: TRÖPICAL ICE LAND – D 12″ LP (Screamo, Postrock)
033: TANO! – Cants Als Malsons 12″ LP (Post-Hardcore)
032: RECIPROCATE – Demo Tape (Rock, Blues, Ex-Shieldyoureyes)

Feel free to folllow us on Bandcamp in order to be informed about new releases automatically:

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