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Fließgewässer / Ivette Díaz-Espín – Enllaç Tape and Fanzine

These are the two Interludes from the soon to be released tape and fanzine collaboration of Ivette Díaz Espín (la raya ilustrada) and Heinzel (Fließgewässer).
Mixing poetry and improvised experimental ambient music, released on tape, wrapped up in a small fanzine with the poems and illustration.

“Besides our voices we mainly used a Casio SA-1, looper, trumpet, violin, contact microphone, cirrus spatial-temporal modifier and some field recordings.”

Will be released via Formes Diverses de Vida and Krimskramz.
If you would also like to help out with the co-release of this tape and fanzine, feel free to get in touch via


006: Eyelet – Nervewracker 12″ LP

Got in touch with Eyelet asking about the possibility of releasing the “S/T 2014” on tape, since I was listening to it a lot and they suggested to co-release the upcoming album “Nervewracker” instead. Thanks also to Fake Crab this co-release with additionally Dingleberry Records was possible and the record could be released both in the States and in Europe.

Listen here:

Eyelet are Craig, Matt and Robbie.
They are a Screamo band from Baltimore.

Pressing Info:
212 Black vinyl
45 Purple/Red vinyl (Eyelet exclusive) – sold out.
42 Turquoise/Green vinyl (Fake Crab exclusive) – sold out.
8 Yellow vinyl (Dingleberry exclusive) – sold out.
7 Orange vinyl (krimskramz exclusive) – sold out.

Product: Nervewracker 12″ LP

Track List with Lyrics:

A voice so low the house hums in agreement
But it’s not a voice
Not a voice of reason
A quartet of the pine, the glass, the brick, the spine
Almost tangible words and nearly tangible phrases lead way
to invisible scrapes and slowly healing abrasions
we’re all choosing and loosing, we’re all cruising for a bruising
we’re all cruising for a bruising, we’ve all chosen and lost
There is nothing in this box
Just a head we’re trapped in
Can you hear it?
Can you feel it cracking?

Funerals for empty caskets and a body count. Bury more weight than the years. I fight to add to a dead name. And I curse the ceremony that reminds me of all the wasted life. And all the wasted time. Erase, replace. Forget, just to maintain. There is no bravery. So wake up. All the wasted life. All the wasted time. Float……..

Do I look two decades old? I’m haunted by the number that is half of mine. Sworn to patience it will lay and wait- to be called by the clockwork of aging. When nervous system signals quake. All my nerves signal a pain. When my bones are so heavy- they are screaming “it has not stopped raining…..” Your absence is everywhere……

Foolish Hearts Darkened
Just know they won’t claw at the seam. Even though it seems like they’re all trying. They won’t. There’s nothing worth opening you up for. I can tell by your look most nights you wonder how many more will be spent alone. With the way the days are you’d think the rest would come easy. Your first thoughts following sleep are. “I cannot do this.” Through the fog you can’t seem to find the glow and you cogitate that this won’t change at all. You will wake knowing every day is exactly the same. And I will breathe you in. I’ll know just how you feel without tying up in your shoes…..

Weak Frames
My body was trying to tell me something. Deep down a whimper of “enough is enough,” escapes, but I swallow it down again. I am the fluke inside that holds this weak frame together. I am the urge you fight but can’t quell forever. Died wild eyed beneath a misty gray sky. Visited only by a single lonesome fly. A death as poetic as a drunken stupor that led to a cracked skull in an empty hole. One last shower to cleanse a life of sin that clings close hidden, just beneath the skin- parasites we can feel crawling and wriggling. Try scratching, rubbing, and picking them with a shout. I used to think I was clever but now I know better.

Just keep counting your blessings and lose them one by one. Heaven forbid or heaven foreboding- feeling a stinging in my nose before the tears start flowing. I am a scared child. An older face, older bones. A fall from grace with every groan. But we all still tremble when we face the unknown. Don’t we? I do. Don’t you? Every second, minute, hour, day. I can’t help but feel- still panic stricken. Still petrified of the dark. Still taxed. Still burdened. Bathed in light….

For Pity’s Sake
You shouldn’t stand too tall- leaving yourself exposed. Those you’ve wronged still remember the ways in which you tortured them. You spent your whole life stepping on our necks. Did you think we would just forget? I hope for pity’s sake the guilt consumes you before we do…..

Children Of Thunder
A moral compass- not lost, not forgotten. Only left useless, and bootless by the magnetic north that won’t proof this- because you’re right. I will be lost forever. I will fall without tether. I’ll wander alone. Now I will never be home. Oh god, I am eliminated. Oh god. I am devastated. Oh god, broken and fallen. The soul, the soul, the soul. I give my support just as the rope supports the hanging man. Hating with all my heart- hating with all my head. I can’t remember the last time I was ever completely honest with myself about the things I can’t seem to come to terms with, and will most likely deflect. and if, IF there was ever a better time to regain direction, composure0 I would be sure to pass it by the wayside.

I thought I saw in your eyes, the relief you were always looking for. Called to conscious and in conclusion, it was nothing at all. Pity aches and lonely shakes only get in if let in. A drive inside sustains and puts the paces in its place now. And I will make the claim- I am not too afraid to brave what might destroy me. Restless, anxious, stir crazed, and worn down. In the wrong as the relief I was always looking for.the one that pus the paces in its place now.

A Lesson In Loneliness
I feel it every sixty ticks of a minute. Forcing limbs to move in any given direction. No more. No more need to prose on repose. You’ll be better off without, I know. One thing I need you to understand is every time I let myself be an open book I felt I became a little more spineless. If attraction’s a killer, then you’re the esca of the angler fish. It’s best if we don’t speak about this, so let’s choke down responses both honest and caustic. God forbid someone might feel slighted . The eggshells we place on the floor leave us divided. If the truth came out… We’re not drifting apart. We’re imploding like stars. Your gravity drew me in and just as easily began crushing….

Nervewracker 12″ LP as released on December 18th 2015 by Fake Crab (US), Dingleberry (Germany) and Krimskramz (Spain).

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036: WILLIAM LUKE VALERIO – He pujat al cel i he vist tots els dimonis dels que fugia Tape

We will co-release the first album of our friend Rafel’s solo project “WILLIAM LUKE VALERIO” in the next months along with FORMES DIVERSES DE VIDA on Tape.

Here’s the first song:

William Luke Valerio uses demeaned voices, rotten whispers, spoken-word transitions and field recordings combined with a plain use of guitar to provide an intimate glance to the human realm of absurdity. Lead by the hypnagogic vision of the ‘you must have a goal in your life’ totem (first trap we settle to our own offspring), humans of western societies often develop in a plastic-ruled-careless-reigned-distraction-led-Greenhouse. Here roses are born without shame nor empathy or smell. While the world screams for the release from this (probably self-imposed) constraint, the truth is individuals get born, grow up and die. And everything stays pretty much the same. Well, crooning to the sparks of beauty emanating from this noxious swamp should be fun for sure. 

After playing with his all-time-band Purkinje , Rafel gets to this solo project by accident, since the other bands he was involved with were focused on other musical experimentation fields. Initiating the musical pieces in his room during insomnia-driven nights, the first album of William Luke Valerio (‘He pujat al cel i he vist tots els dimonis dels que fugia’) was recorded in February and will be released by the end of summer 2019. When he is not playing music, he is writing things down, organizing concerts / releasing music with the label/cultural association Formes Diverses de Vida and since last May, doing research in a neuroscience laboratory. New times, old dreams, same shit forever.

WILLIAM LUKE VALERIO and FLIEßGEWÄSSER will go on a DIY tour in September and if you’d like to help out with a show, please feel free to get in touch: we’ll really appreciate it!
Help needed in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungaria, Austria, South West Germany and Marseille, Montpellier and Lyon
Thanks! 🙂

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035: LYTIC – onesidedlp 12″

The records have arrived with Jamie in New York!

The first 50 will be available at their record release show with Jeromes Dream:
Sold Out! Loma Prieta, Jeromes Dream, Lytic at Saint Vitus in NYC.

After that, they will have them available through bandcamp in the States and krimskramz will have them available in Europe.


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035: LYTIC – onesidedlp 12″

We are co-releasing the Lytic debut 12″. Lytic is a new band founded in November 2015 by Jamie and Frankie in NYC. They have been playing in bands like Daesu, Off Minor and Saetia. The songs on this 12″ have been recorded by Steve Roche on October 22nd and 23rd at Permanent Hearing Damage, Philadelphia along with additional songs for two Splits.

Here you can listen to the pre-mastered versions of Bleak, The Last Northcore Kid and Screens:

It will be white and the B-Side will have an etching designed by Girl in Amber.
It should be ready the latest in July.

More infos soon!

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034: Tröpical Ice Land – D 12″ LP

tröpical ice land is a screamo/emoviolence band from Torreló in Catalunya. On one of the first concerts after moving to Barcelona I saw them playing with Baton Rouge in La Rampa. Finally they have recorded a new album and I’m really happy I could co-release it with them, Dingleberry Records and Zegema Beach Records.

Listen here:

It has been released on black vinyl, with a milky transparent inlay and you’re able to order here:

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033: TANO! – Cants Als Malsons 12″ LP

“Onze ocultismes, sabers perduts i altres petites faules d’ultramar”

Tano!’s secord album is here! They are an experimental/emo/hardcore band from Girona, living the concept of writing songs with the motto “let’s put something here which no one would expect next”. Eleven cuts recorded live by Santi Garcia and Borja Pérez at Ultramarinos Costa Brava, mastered by Victor Garcia and wrapped up with Xavi Forné’s artwork (Error! Design).

Listen here:

It has been released by Saltamarges, La Agonía de Vivir, Error! Music y Krimskramz on 180 gram black vinyl and you’re able to order here:

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034: Tröpical Ice Land – D 12″ LP (stream)

Here is the full stream of the new Tröpical Ice Land record “D”, which is co-released with Dingleberry Records and Zegema Beach Records on 12″ vinyl in Spring 2019:

This is what the artwork will look like:

The physical records will be with us later in spring, but you can pre-order here already:

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034: Tröpical Ice Land – D 12″ LP

We’ll co-release the new Tröpical Ice Land record “D” along with Dingleberry Records and Zegema Beach Records.

The full stream will go up on the 4th of March, but you can listen to Amittat and Teresa here:

This is what the artwork will look like:

The physical records will be with us later in spring.