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Distro Update 11.02.2019:

I’ve brought back some copies from the new KLS and Negro Split from Benicarló:
KLS / NEGRO – Split 7″


Besides that there’s still some copies of the newest KLS 7inches co-released by krimskramz left:
KLS – Superpop 7″
KLS – Powerviolence 7″

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Seeing and meeting Eaglehaslanded in September 2012 in Subotica and Novi Sad in Serbia was a great experience and I both liked they live sets and hanging out with them a lot. Also having in mind that Nemanja was only 16 back then, just started playing drums and was already playing this two week tour around Europe impressed me.
The friendship with them lead to Stefan designing the Krimskramz logo among other things and some releases of Eaglehaslanded records through our old label Shivery Productions.
Foxmoulder came over to Europe in Summer 2015 touring with Eaglehaslanded and it was a nice chance to meet and see them on their last tour. Now many of them are active in the band Respire you should check out, too!


Listen here:


Foxmoulder are Darren (bass), Em (vocals), Rohan (guitar) & Travis (drums).
They were a Screamo band from Toronto, Canada.

Eaglehaslanded are Djidji (guitar), Stefan (bass) and Nemanja (drums).
They are an Emoviolence band from Belgrade, Serbia.


Pressing Info:
Black vinyl.
3 different screenprinted covers:
– white print on blue cardboard
– black print on red cardboard
– red print on beige cardboard

Product: Split 12″


Track List with Lyrics:

Foxmoulder – Tempered Ill
I will become silence made flesh 
and wither on the vine. 
All too few truths were asked of you 
where are we? 
Where did our home go? 
Rise and fall, 
Like waves that long for the shore. 
Wither and die, 
Likes lovers never meant for each other. 
I don’t want this.

Foxmoulder – Needless/Anxious
Shake the bough, 
Set me free. 
Shake the bough, 
Carve the truth 
Straight into me. 
This silence, 
Burned into my chest, 
How it comforted you 
How it destroyed all of me. 
Have we reached the age, 
Where we’re more than just scars? 
Another kiss, long forgotten. 
So is this your home you fight for? Or just another place to hide?

Foxmoulder – Antrim
Dear sky today I saw your bones, 
Found the the mantle to hew and gnaw. 
Found them hollow and savourless forms. 
Make me flesh, God can’t bless. 
But as the stars are just the failing of light, I sat and watched the day die. 
Where Antrim met sky. 
I felt alone, 
Where Antrim met sky.

Foxmoulder – Shame
I held onto nothing, 
Because it always kept me safe. 
So I buried myself, 
With fear and guilt. 
Straight washed shame, 
I buried myself. 
Scratch and tear at your wounds, 
Scratch and tear to rebuild. 
Scratch and tear at the albatross around my neck. 
This shame ends here, 
My gender, my body, my home. 
This shame ends here.

Foxmoulder – Increments
Always so fearful of what 
My heart was supposed to mean. 
What my touch meant. 
Sharing only sides that minimize my shame. 
Is it lust for sadness, 
That keeps me crawling, 
On broken hands and knees?

Eaglehaslanded – Intro (Nightmares in Suburbia Pt. III)

Eaglehaslanded – Заклятые Враги
увидел свет.откопал могилу.тебя нет. 
тяжелый камень закрыл мне глаза.

Eaglehaslanded – Mora samo da se umre
Zasto se bojis da kazes ne
Zasto se bojis crnih dana
Zatvorenih ociju hodamo u nedogled
Mi smo njihova zivina
Oni nasa crna sudbina
Cetiri zida protiv tebe
Mora samo da se umre

Eaglehaslanded – Got a Flower
This is an anthem of bored generation. 
Give us a chance to evolve. 
New hope to bloom in minds of future activists. 
This culture will not trap us in our broken homes. 
Breaking the vow books will destroy all tv screens. 
Keep running from reality , 
But the past is in front of me, 
Distorting the image of future waves.

Eaglehaslanded – Tworatz
Cold heart.

Eaglehaslanded – Grobljanska
Such a lovely family house,
Let”s burn it to the ground.
Leaving the ashes on our burnt bodies.
We only know about suffering.
The nightmare goes on and on.

Eaglehaslanded – 1000 Palms


The Foxmoulder / Eaglehaslanded Split 12″ was released on August 22 in 2015 by Zegema Beach Records (Canada) Désordre Ordonné(Canada) Koepfen (Germany) Mosh Potatoes (Belgium) Boslevan Records (UK) trvs records (Russia) Don’t Live Like Me Records (USA) 0331records (Romania) and Krimskramz (Spain).

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032: RECIPROCATE – Demo Tape

Here are six demo recordings of some of Reciprocate’s first songs, and two live recordings from their first gig at New River Studios, London.

Reciprocate – the new band of
Stef Ketteringham – guitar & vocals
Henri Grimes – drums
Marion Andrau – bass guitar
– Demo Tape release by Krimskramz in February 2019.

Pressing Info:
Transparent/red tapes with artwork by Leticia

The pre-orders are up here:

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033: TANO! – Cants Als Malsons 12″ LP

“Onze ocultismes, sabers perduts i altres petites faules d’ultramar”

Tano!’s secord album is here! They are an experimental/emo/hardcore band from Girona, living the concept of writing songs with the motto “let’s put something here which no one would expect next”. Eleven cuts recorded live by Santi Garcia and Borja Pérez at Ultramarinos Costa Brava, mastered by Victor Garcia and wrapped up with Xavi Forné’s artwork (Error! Design). Eleven songs that are already streaming and freely downloadable by any of the four great labels that are involved in this release and make all this possible. This spring, in 180 grams, 12 inch black vinyl!!

Listen here:

It will be released by Saltamarges, La Agonía de Vivir, Error! Music y Krimskramz on 180 gram black vinyl and the pre-orders are up here:

Tano!’ és un duet de música Hardcore / Punk experimental cantat en català format a Girona al 2015 per Oskar Garcia (vocalista i guitarrista de Hurricäde) i Victor Pelusa (baixista i veu d’Anchord).[1][2] Al llarg de la seva carrera han tocat en festivals com el Fusiònica i l’Actitud Fest.[3]!

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FLIEßGEWÄSSER – ?Es ist höchste Zeit¿

I’ve uploaded new Fließgewässer songs.
It is basically recordings with guitar, organ, harmonica and voices talking about time.

released January 12, 2019.

Involved in “?Es ist höchste Zeit¿”:
Orestis – text and voice on “Δίψα για αίμα = Greed”.
Silvia – voice on “Realisation”.
Heinzel – guitar, organ, harmonica, remaining voices and field recordings.

Will make tapes for sure!

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Distro update 09.01.2019:

Just added new records from Subpost Records, Pifia Records and more:
BALCANES – Decrépita / Decadencia. 7″
DEPARTURES – Green Turns To Red, Then Turns To Gold 7″
LENIN DEATH MASK – Three hits 7″
(LO:MUÊSO) / Father Of Boon ‎- Split 7″
(LO:MUÊSO) – Palindromê 7″
LOSS LEADER – st 12″
MACRAMÉ – Revenants 7″
MAN HANDS / LICH – Split 10″
MEMBRANE / REVOK – split 7″
MOTORAMA – She is there 7″
NEURA – Escapar 7”
N.I.T. – Histèria Tape
ORDESA – Días Cálidos 12″ LP
PARMESANO – Vida Extra + Parmesano! EP 12″
REIZ – s/t 12″ LP
SERPENT – s/t Demo Tape
SPORT – Colors 12″ LP
SWOLLEN LUNGS Compilation 7″
UP RIVER – Rough Ground 7″
WILD ANIMALS – The Hoax 12″ LP
YOU’LL LIVE – Lost. Forgotten. Abandoned. Buried. 7″
YUSUKE / DELOS – Split 7″

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004: Ghost Cat / Always Wanted War – Split 7″ (a retrospect)

Always Wanted War had been on my radar long before releasing this Split, because they came over to play in Würzburg and were helping my old band with their label Tief in Marcellos Schuld. This Split is a great example of Marcellos releases, since it was mainly them handling the fabrication of this record, including the drawing, design of the packaging and organizing the screenprinting and laser cutting of the covers. Ghost Cat on the other hand I was listening to and liked them a lot, but didn’t expect releasing a record of them, so this was a really great surprise and it was beautiful to meet them on their joint tour shortly after.


Listen here:


Ghost Cat are John (guitar), Shane (guitar), Karsten (drums) and Nick (bass).
They are an Indierock/Emo band from Jensen Beach, Florida.

Always Wanted War are Dennis (guitar and vocals), Henning (drums and vocals) and Nikolas (bass).
They are a Punk/Metal/Screamo threepiece from Cuxhaven, Germany.


Pressing Info:
300 7″ with screenprinted and laser cut covers:

100 Ghost Cat:

100 House:

100 Guns N Roses:

Product: Ghost Cat / Always Wanted War – Split 7″


Track List with Lyrics:

Ghost Cat – These fragile Moments:
If I could snap out of it and notice
when I’m not there and in some far off place,
thinking of things that shouldn’t matter,
hating my life away…
But I don’t notice
these fragile moments before they’re gone.
Broken in time by each passing second.
I didn’t notice you, I wasn’t paying attention.
I didn’t see the way you smiled or the halo on your skin
as the sun poured in through the window every morning…
before I opened my eyes…
Before I opened my eyes…
If I only knew…
I’d have given your love a different life.
I’d have seen the sun in a different life.
As it turned us to angels.
If I could change one thing I’d see no difference between anything.

Ghost Cat – A place to go:
Paper cut up moonlight and trembling hands,
your face half in shadow just talking to friends.
Your distance affects me, not making demands.
In the stillness and silence you try to make a stand.
But you’re not even listening,
you’re not even listening
You aren’t even listening,
you aren’t even listening.
You better listen to me,
you better listen to me…
When I’m speaking to you
when I’m speaking to you!
But I don’t know if I wanna go,
cause I don’t know if I have somewhere to go…
Holy guilt kill my heartache.
You better stay home tonight, you better tell me you’re fine.
Burn me alive, save me!
You better tell me you’re fine, you better stay home tonight.
Distant memories in pictures above your bed.
You were once in love, now his hands hold your mouth shut
cause you always scream when you’re afraid.
But you’re always, always afraid…
Have you had enough to lose it all?

Always wanted War – Action – Intention:
The time goes by, Ii saw a dream I had to chase it
amnesia takes place when it’s affecting life
the purpose of our minds lost in translation, can we handle that,
can we get over it again
I don’t wanna look back, I don’t wanna look back
it’s still hard to see inside when action differs from intention
(are two seperate things)
I don’t wanna look back, I don’t wanna look back
now I wish I could explain why we would hurt another again
why we would hurt another again

Always wanted War – Back to Subzero:
Spent the Days with running away
growing up was our first mistake
taking action never meant the same again
as time goes by we cast the plans aside
try, fail, try in this game of life
it all comes back but won’t be the same again
look out, this time you’re really dead
once followed through all issues, but always led
you thought you’d rise above it all
Back to subzero, they wanna see you rise and fall
Spent the Days with running away
growing up was our first mistake
taking action never meant the same again
as time goes by we cast the plans aside
try, fail, try in this game of life
it all comes back but won’t be the same again


The Ghost Cat / Always Wanted War Split 7″ was released on July 3rd, 2015 by Tief in Marcellos Schuld Records, Moment of Collapse, Obdura, Last Exit Records, LTD Records and Krimskramz.

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FLIEßGEWÄSSER – Wristwatch

I’ve uploaded a new eventually ready Fließgewässer song.
But generally I’m not sure if this release is ready.
I have no idea about the titles and cover yet neither.

It is basically recordings with guitar, organ, harmonica and voices.

Involved in “?Es ist höchste Zeit¿”:
Orestis – text and voice on “Δίψα για αίμα = Greed”.
Silvia – voice on “Realisation”.
Heinzel – guitar, organ, harmonica, remaining voices and field recordings.

Will make tapes for sure!


Thanks for your interest!

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035: LYTIC – onesidedlp 12″

In spring we will co-release the Lytic debut 12″. Lytic is a new band founded in November 2015 by Jamie and Frankie in NYC. They have been playing in bands like Daesu, Off Minor and Saetia. The songs on this 12″ have been recorded by Steve Roche on October 22nd and 23rd at Permanent Hearing Damage, Philadelphia along with additional songs for two Splits.

Here you can listen to the pre-mastered versions of Bleak, The Last Northcore Kid and Screens:

More infos soon!

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003: PASTEL – L’Acchiappanuvole 12″ LP (a retrospect)

After having been friends with Andrea for many years, when he was still playing in the hardcore band Minus Tree and having released the debut Split of Pastel and Merridew with our old label Shivery Productions it was a pleasure to release “L’Acchiappanuvole” a really interesting postpunk/emo/hardcore 12″ record. Since it’s quite short for an LP, the b-side contains the same record as an instrumental version.


Listen here:


Pastel are Andrea (drums, percussion and vocals) and Vito (guitar, bass and vocals).
They are from Bari, Italy.


Pressing Info:
White vinyl, limited to 300 copies.

Product: L’Acchiappanuvole 12″ LP


Track List with lyrics:

Il Lancio Kàrmàn
Memorie solcano 
tempi già dettati 
Consapevolezza è illusione 
Riconoscere dolore, quando altrui non è 
Quanto ideale l’essere, possa essere umano? 
Sole converge traiettorie, 
in epoche lontane divergenti 
Epiteto lineare lasciato a galleggiare 
In cieli stranieri vissuti controvento.

Il Pendolo, L’Orologiaio
Inesauribile il fiume 
dell’invisibile sentirsi 
Universale il peso 
Inchiodato ed in espansione 
“Orizzonte che non volga mai al domani” 
Il buio far fiorire rocce dimenticate dalla polvere 
In agitate burrasche d’aurora boreale 
Particolari nascosti 
Ho ancora fiato per urlare 
“Orizzonte che non volga mai al domani”

La Scatola, Il Crocevia
Orme ricolme da tempo di pioggia 
attendere invano una luce 
Orme da tempo ricolme di pioggia 
Luci stanche di illuminare 
Divenire, eventuale 
Non necessario comprendere 
Il cosmico, diviene umano 
Quando è l’interno a tremare 
Divenire, eventuale 
Fin quando è concesso resistere.

Interlude I
– instrumental –

I Love You, Tempesta
Incidere sull’acqua il proprio nome 
per non dimenticare 
Illumina gabbie 
Cannibalismo e rinascite 
In interrotto dissolvere 
Minuscoli frammenti 
In tempesta di luce 
Deserti in espansione 
Inondano lande ormai desolate.

Triangolo non chiuso 
Tendente infinito 
Trappole sommerse 
Scenari rassegnati 
Tasselli nel silenzio 
In eco lo sciamare 
Di pianeti ormai lontani 
Disordinato mosaico 
Madre, non è ancora guerra 
Antico tramonto in gocce 
stilla voragini 
Dove trovarci senza tempo 
A collidere elementi 
Ho sognato d’esser a casa

Interlude II
– instrumental –

La Macchina Cantastorie
– instrumental –

Il Ciclo Okta
Sacrificio cercare 
Diamanti nel fango 
Respira carbone 
Memoria Futura 
Futura nel pianto, 
Aria, Terra, Fuoco 
Lento affondare 
Terra rilascia paure, 
Paure segnate da linee.

Mani sfidano il Grande Sole 
Diviene, soltanto un timido tepore 
Modalità di esclusione: 
-“Ascrivere per terrore”
Eco di invisibili traiettorie 
Solcano l’Infinito 
Guardo ombre, dissolversi nel tempo 
Improvviso bagliore
Leggere dissonanze 
Ho modellato distanze 
Argilla della separazione
Improvviso bagliore 
Incolume, per semplice difesa 
Pagine bianche: -”non per questo vuote”.


L’Acchiappanuvole 12″ LP was released on July 1st 2015 by Pure heart records, Dèsertion records, Dingleberry records, LTD records, Suspended soul tapes & records, Hanged man records, Ronald records, Monte calvario, Glass of split, Nostalgia records, Voice of the unheard, Koepfen, Monday morning records, Don’t live like me records, Fight or fight!, Upwind, Sciroppo dischi, Bookhouse records and Krimskramz.